It started on September 22nd at 10:49am

... and it is still changing

by Shirley Rabb

The gold and purple finches are gone. The blue jays, grosbeaks and red winged black birds have started their flight south; now only a few nuthatches and woodpeckers are at the feeders and suet. I can hear the squawking of the blue jays in the surrounding trees,and the mourning doves coo to the loss of summer. Only the ever-faithful chickadees come to the feeders on a regular basis. They are small and beautiful birds taking one seed at a time as they fly to the near tree to feast on their sunflower delicacy. They are the reason for keeping the feeders full at every season. Even during the midst of winter they will be here to delight me.



Across the lake the beeches and maples are turning shades of red as they double in beauty reflecting in the clear water. Towering high above the colors are the evergreen pines and they will be the color of the upcoming season as fall turns to winter and back to spring again.

The birches are turning gold and will lose their leaves as they bear the winds and snow of winter. The burning bushes are starting to turn red, and they also will be undressed by the hardy season in the not to distant future.

The sky brings clouds that mirror in the lake and in the morning mist the loons seem to add to the start of the season appearing in the shades of colors.

This is a time to wonder how the seasons change. A time to keep us thinking about how to prepare for the next season. This is a time to enjoy the colors of fall as we look towards the next seasons of our lives.

October 5,2012

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