Melrose is flying high

... flags for all seasons

by Shirley Rabb

Here in Melrose and indeed in all of New England we start the New Year in
the grip of winter. There may or may not be snow on the ground but we
know in our hearts there will be flurries and plowing upon us in this

We anticipate the love month of February when Valentine’s Day brings us
sweet thoughts of melting snow and wishes for an early spring.


In March we all are wearing green to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and
finally spring.


In April we celebrate the holiday of Easter with bunnies, and chocolate
and egg hunts. And with flowers popping up in our neighbors yards it
feels like spring.


May we are really in spring looking towards summer to see those sprouting
flowers in full bloom. It is also the time to celebrate our fallen service
men that made it safe for us to enjoy this beautiful season of rebirth.

July is the time to celebrate the 4th with cook outs and flags and happy
summer days.


August reminds us that fall will soon be in the air and the colors are
changing from colors of summer to orange and gold of this new season upon
us. At this time we still hope for the Red Sox to accomplish a miracle for
us by winning a few games in a row.

September is the start of football season and it is time for us to look
forward as our Patriots play hard to win game after game this season. It
is after all, the American way.


October could be scary with Halloween waiting for us at the end of the
month. The pumpkins, the black cats and the scary witches have to be
watched by every child as they go to collect their goodies on trick or
treat night.

November we become truly thankful for all the past months, the changing
seasons and our ability to enjoy it all. Many of our tables are laden with
foods of the season, and the families coming together as we celebrate the
day of Thanksgiving.

December makes the year come to an end with Santa Claus making it to every
child’s home, and the knowledge that snow flurries are in the air.

The winter is back upon us as we hope for the New Year to be a good one
for all of us.

May your flags fly in gentle breezes as we wish you a happy and healthy
New Year.

December 7, 2012

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