Stringers venture into MMTV

... Council on Aging endorses MMTV connection

from Editor Don Norris

The early production team met at the Milano Center in September to put
its first show for MMTV together. From the left are Kay McCarte, Florence Shea,
Cameraman Tom Dillon, Director Louise Fennell and Rita Mucera.

Of all things, after 16 years of publishing the internet rag called "The Melrose
Mirror", the SilverStringers have joined forces with MMTV to produce (of all
things) video.

Actually, it's not as drastic as all that -- but we are spreading out, getting new
interests, planning to produce a second monthly publication -- in Video! --
called "A Nice Day". Some six or eight Stringers, plus a couple of new people, have
formed a video team which has promised the folks at MMTV (Melrose's very own
television station) at least one new program per month.

The Melrose Council on Aging, sponsors of The Mirror and the SilverStringers, put up
the money for joining with MMTV -- thus placing a large and important endorsement on
the project. Meanwhile, MMTV people have given us not only tours of the local
facilities, but lessons on how to run those $5000 video cameras -- for free.

The project is the brainchild of SS Editor Louise Fennell, who used to live
in Danvers and has been a member of the Beverly community television station, spending
the past five years doing interviews and covering stories for that station. She came
to Melrose some ten years ago, joined the Stringers, and has been 'double-dipping'
between Beverly TV and Melrose Mirror ever since. Not only that, but she also holds
two part-time jobs, to boot.

Suddenly Louise became the Director, Tom Dillon switched from fancy digital
cameras to a huge shoulder-mounted video-cam, and some other interesting folks  (Kay
Mc Carte, Florence Shea, Rita Mucera and Norma Staples) began planning a new future
on TV!.

The idea of creating a Melrose video group came about when Louise was
chatting with Beverly Station Director Walter Kozowski. It was he who suggested she
initiate a similar program in Melrose -- since she lives here now, and has numerous
news associates here -- and then run her new programs (if possible) in both television

The first show the new group will produce -- based on the idea of providing
shows on interesting places, maybe within a hundred miles -- was a prolonged visit
to the Brooksby Farm in Peabody, where straw-filled wagons drawn by horses provide
delightful tours of that historical place. From the old barn the operators sell such
goods as apple pies, apple sauce, apple cider -- and a zillon other apple products.
Tom Dillon, who served in southeast asia in World War II, ran the big digital video
camera, while other members took part is developing the script, the ideas -- and put
the bits and pieces into one show.

Louise figures, if it works in Beverly, it'll do just as well in Melrose.
Their first program should be submitted shortly -- and work is already started on a
second production. Other scripts in the works deal with the startling outdoor
sculpture at DeCordova Museum in Lincoln, a show on the art competition produced by
the Mystic Valley Elder Services, and a piece on Halibut Point Park in Gloucester.

Anyone interested in joining the Stringer/MMTV group can contact Debbie at

October 5, 2012

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