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The Tuesday league at Bellevue Golf Course

... the great days gone bye.

by Ed Boyd

This happened about fifteen or maybe twenty years ago. It was at Bellevue Golf Club in Melrose, Mass. My partner, Dick Mallon, and I were supposed to play Dr. John Horne, a Malden dentist, and “four-iron” Jack Sweeney. Sweeney only used irons, even off the tee. The Tuesday League was played each week. It was match play, where you take the best score of two players for each hole.


As it turned out, my partner had an appointment and could not play. I thought I should have trouble playing against two guys who get the best score of two against just me. I really felt I was not going to win against these odds, but I would try to stay relaxed, concentrate only on my game and see what happens.

I was giving the strokes with my fourteen handicap against Jack and Dr. Horne who both had high handicaps. This meant that both Sweeney and Horne would get strokes from me. I don’t remember exactly but I think either one stroked on most holes. The only stroke I got was on the third hole which was the number one handicap hole.

It came our turn and the three of us went off to play nine holes, the format for the Tuesday League. When we had finished nine holes, I had trouble believing my score was only 36 where par is 35. This was absolutely the best game of golf I had ever played. I had a bogie, one over, on the third hole and all the rest were par.

When I checked the card over, I had only won three holes as either Horne or Sweeney had strokes on most holes. I would get four and one of them would five/net four. Still, I was overjoyed!

I wanted to record this with a little swell in my chest of these days I can remember, long ago, in my hey-day.


Today, at 82, I play at Mount Hood from the red forward tees, formerly known as ladies tees.

November 2, 2012

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