Random Thoughts

Thoughts while shaving

by Jim Tierney

Are we really as stupid as the stores think we are when they make their pitch for us to buy their products?  Probably the best example is Black Friday when they advertise GIGANTIC sales of a few items and we go there to wait in line for the store to open at midnight, when the same items are on sale the following week for the same price, or less. They also try to fool us with 2 for 1 sales and 50% off, when there is no difference if you buy two. Do they sell items for $3.99 or 9.99 because we won’t buy them if they’re $4 or $10?  Why do we “stock up” on things because they’re on sale when they’re on “sale” almost every other week?  When we come home from the store feeling happy and proud because we saved so much money, do we ever think of how much we would have saved if we didn’t buy things we didn’t need in the first place?  Apparently, the cost of advertising DOES work for the stores, otherwise they wouldn’t do it. I guess we are pretty stupid. Don’t get me started on the NO SALES TAX weekend that brings the mad rush again!!!

November 2, 2012

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