Random Thoughts

Thoughts while shaving

by Jim Tierney

Does this sound familiar?  We won’t have enough food. I hear this every time we have an event at the house. Early
on when the kids were young and we had christenings, first communions, graduations, etc., the rule was NOT to eat
until we were sure all our guests have eaten. Usually, in the end we all ate and there was plenty left over. Since
then, the “events” have been the usual holiday gatherings at Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, etc. for just the
family, now 25 of us. However, the fear of not having enough is still there even after many years of experience
and proof that we ALWAYS have plenty.  Not only do WE have enough to feed everyone, our kids bring stuff. In the
end, not only is there always enough, we have to encourage everyone to take something home. I expect this will go
on for the rest of my life.

April 5, 2013

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