Random Thoughts

Thoughts while shaving

by Jim Tierney

My family thinks Iím cheap. I like to think of it as being frugal and practical. For
example, when the toothpaste is down to the last few squeezes, I take it and replace it
with a new tube before a family member discards it. In the following weeks I get another
20 or 30 squeezes out of it. I finally throw it away when my fingers start hurting from
squeezing. The same goes for soap. Thereís always plenty of soap bubbles left before
itís time to say goodbye to it.  Maybe, when it gets down to a sliver or breaks in half
or keeps slipping out of your hand and you almost fall stooping down in the shower or
tub to pick it up. Hey!! It can be expensive keeping clean and have pearly white teeth.
Maybe I AM a little cheap!!

May 3, 2013

May 3, 2013

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