Random Thoughts

Thoughts while shaving

by Jim Tierney

New Year’s resolutions last about two weeks on average. I feel bad for women who honestly resolve to plan a weight reduction program and invest a lot of money joining a club, only to fall off the plan shortly after the first of the year. However, you have to give them an A for effort (or is it E?) because they stick with it, going weekly for their weigh-in, and up and down it goes week after week, with an additional weekly fee. The weight loss businesses make a fortune on these women because it is a given that they will join, fail, join again, fail, join other programs, fail, etc. I was seriously thinking of opening a Club and calling it Jim’s Repeat Business Revolving Door, make my fortune, and move to Aruba.  I may also consider selling exercise equipment for the guys who use it primarily as hangers for their clothes and, as technology improves, they want new state of the art hangers..err… exercise equipment..Another income goldmine for me!!!.  

January 4, 2013

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