It was a scary time

... and I don't want to go through this again

by Casa

My name is Casa and many of you probably know me because I have been writing articles for the Melrose Mirror for a few years.

Most of the things I have written have been fun and light but this one scared me.
I have had a cough for a few months but the vet told my parents to just keep an eye on it. Well, a few weeks ago the cough got worse and the vet prescribed a pill for the cough. I could not take the pill and I was coughing more often. When we went back for another checkup the vet took an x-ray and discovered that my heart was in trouble. Filled with fluid is what she said; and she recommended that we go immediately to the hospital in Woburn.

When we got to the hospital we were met by a cardiologist who checked me out and told my parents that I had degenerated heart disease. This sounded scary and one of my parents was in tears while the other listened to the doctor as to what is to be done to help me.

I was to stay in the hospital with oxygen and get something called Lasix intravenously. I was so tired that I really just lay there on the table while the doctor kept checking my heart and lungs. She also said that she would be taking a cardiac ultrasound to better check the heart.

My parents left me and I know that they were as scared as I was. I canít tell you what happened while I was getting oxygen but I do know that my front legs were shaved so the doctor could insert needles that I guess was the intravenous.

That evening the doctor called my parents to say that I was doing fine and maybe after more tests I might go home the next day. The following day my parents came to get me, along with  pills that I will need to take forever. I am not sure how long forever is, but I do not want to go back to the hospital again.

The pill taking is not too bad since I know my parents hide them in roast beef or low sodium cheese. I am drinking a lot more water and that means I have to go out more often. On the trip to and from Maine my parents had to make a few extra stops for me to relieve myself. Every time I got back in the car I got a treat and more water.

According to the doctor, I should be able to run on the beach and bark at everything that goes by the house. Being in Maine was a nice quiet break for me but I am back in Melrose where things seem busier. I will try to remember that I am getting older,(I am 11) and I need to take it a little easier.

I guess at 11 years old that makes me 60 in human years and it appears that most people at that age do tend to slow down.

I do intend to write more articles for the Mirror, but for now I have to take care of myself and keep my parents from being so worried.

November 2, 2012

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