Memories of Dorothy O'Connor

... remembering Dorothy

by Silverstringers

Always upbeat, with a smile and greeting for everyone, Dorothy and Percy (her walker) brought fun and, sometimes, muffins or coffee cake to our meetings. She was a great writer and wrote witty and thought-provoking articles for the Mirror as well as yummy recipes for us to try.  We will miss her.

Kay McCarte

Honest to a T, straight-forward, whitty, generous, always looking to the bright side of life. She was really special. Dorothy was our friend and companion. Her email address began, ditdot ...

Don Norris

When I received the news of dear Dorothy's passing, I gasped and my hand went to my mouth! She was so special to me. As the newbie to the Stringers, she took me under her wing and befriended and encouraged me. I loved her charm and wit..and of course, her Blueberry Soup recipe. I will treasure the letter that she sent to me and I will treasure her memory always. She is in my thoughts and prayers.

Betty Rossi

Dorothy and I sat side by side at the Stinger meetings. Percy and I made sure if she needed a glass of water, she got it. Warm, funny, great cook and fantastic story writer are words to describe Dorothy. She added a little spark to our meetings.

Florence Shea

Dot O'Connor was a gem of a person. When she smiled or laughed -- which she did often -- her eyes crinkled and her whole face lit up. She enjoyed people. And how she could write. All you have to do is go to the bottom of the Mirror front page and type in her name: Dorothy O'Connor and execute. You will get 10 pages of delightful reading. Some of her stories will make reference to her late husband, Russell Berg, whom she was devoted to.  They were among the founding members of the Melrose Mirror in 1996. You'll also find some reader letters in that search. Or, if you just wish to read her stories, you may go to the "Who We Are" section where they are listed. Just click on the headline and enjoy.

How sad it will be to transfer her "bio" and stories to the "deceased" section of "Who We  Are." Just thinking about it makes our eyes crinkle in sadness.

Jack Driscoll

I did not know Dorothy very well but her enthusiasm for the Melrose Mirror was so obvious. She will be missed.

Ed Boyd

November 2, 2012


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