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Riley's Raiders at Mount Hood

... many of the old guys at Mount Hood trying to stay young

by Ed Boyd


“Who in the heck are the Riley’s Raiders”, I thought. I asked Bob
Christiansen, who lives here at The Melrose Towers and who has played at
Mount Hood for many years, if he knew how the Riley’s Raiders got the
name. Bob said that I should contact Tom Corkery, the originator of
Riley’s Raiders.

Bob Christiansen                                                        
Meantime, I began to ask several guys, who I knew pretty well, if they
would try to think of a funny story they might remember. Recently, I had
asked Alex Demeter if he wanted to wrestle that got a huge laugh from Ned
Murray, Ed Priestley and Mike O’Brien who over heard me. I guess if an 82
year-old-guy asks an 89 year-old-guy if he wants to wrestle brings a laugh
of amusement to these faces or anyone for that matter…

This prompted me to ask our Riley’s Raiders players if they might get a
funny story to me. I said they could write a story or tell me one and I
would make them immortal by putting their story in the Melrose Mirror.


Tom Corkery
I met Tom Corkery in the Melrose Library on the second floor we were given
to have a talk in quiet. Tom said that this was a section of the Inner
Club at Mount Hood where in 1988 he and Nick Quinzio, Lou Quinzio and Ned
Worthylake formed a group. In no time about twenty players went to Mount
Hood and established playing days for early morning on Tuesday’s and
Thursday’s. This has been the set days until now.   

It was not until 1995 that Brendon Riley formed a process to guide
players. Using a set of ordinary playing cards names of the players were
written on these. These cards were shuffled and then a player would select
four cards to form a group. Each

Quota points
player was assigned a quota determined by his golfing ability. I won’t
bother to give the details of quota points. Depending on how many players
play the nine holes, in the end each player has a total of a number of
points. The winner is the one with most points. It is a little more
complicated than this but you get the idea.  

Tom McCormack-the boss

Ray Donahue, score keeper
Riley was Brendon’s name as he had organized the golf games at Mt. Hood in
1995. No one really remembers how Riley’s Raiders name came to be.  
Raiders goes with Riley, I suppose. “It just has a ring about it”, said
Tom Corkery. When Bob Christensen took over a few years later, it was
thought that the name should be changed to Christensen “something” but
that never took. It was Riley’s Raiders back then as it is today.

A new excitement is building up in me as I drive to Mount Hood at 7AM, eager
to play golf. I park my car near the first tee. Bob(Homer) Norton would see
me coming and he would have my cart drawn up to my car with the handicap flag  
sticking up on the back of the cart. This happens just about everyday, Tuesday
and Thursday, at 8:30 for the Riley's Raiders.

There is an ethics that seems to be present in Riley's Raiders, hovering in the
background, and I have benefited no end. Ethics is the actions an individual takes
on himself. All of the guys notice how feeble I am and all of the guys; I mean all,
take special notice of this. Whenever my name gets drawn, one of the players will
put my golf bag on a cart insisting that he will drive the cart. All of the Riley's
Raiders seem to take it for granted that they are responsible to take care of a player
who is less able. I have played golf for 40 years in many places and never have I
experienced this consideration until now. Somehow this special consideration has
been built into the fabric of Riley's Raiders that came from somewhere but who
knows where. It is like the name given to the Riley's Raiders, "It just has a ring about it."

No one of the Riley's Raiders sent me a funny story which is dissapointing. It is really my
fault for not asking for a story in the early summer.Now that cold has set in there are not
too many golfers around. I'll ask for a story early next summer.  

December 7, 2012

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