Where are we, young man?

... the quest to discover where we are continues ...

by Don Norris

The point here is that we (my wife and I) have been here so long, we feel we know every nook, every crannie, that there is in Melrose.

But when you come right down to it, if you take something of some place out of context, we don't know where on earth we are. Proof of this pudding is this: There just weren't many people who have been consistantly correct in identifying our close-in, far-out photos -- so far.  

We like to give you hints -- or challenges. Like in this scene ...

1: The backside of the old rubber factory on Washington Street?
2: The Highland Avenue side of the Highlands Congregational Church?
3: Backside of the old Melrose Theatre -- now the Eastern Bank?
4: The business end of the Melrose Police Department?
5: A latent print of the former Melrose Free Press building at 40 West Foster Street? Oooorrr....
6: A close-in shot of the backside of the Melrose YMCA, from which all those pesky wires were Adobed out ... ?

Of course, of course. It's the backside of the Y. Congrats if you won, you're obviously a true Melrosian.

December 6. 2012

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