From the darkness comes light

... Under-exposed again? Try Adobe "Elements"

from the SilverStringers

Bad stuff happens occasionally, even with a nice new Canon 60D digital
camera, coupled to a Canon 18-135mm zoom lens. The shutter and diaphragm
were set to automatic, and the above photo was the result. It was taken
with tungsten (indoor) lights, also set to automatic color correction.

But this is the same photo after running it through Adobe Photoshop --
nothing complicated, just click on Image and Adjustments,
then Shadows/Highlights, and the result is as you see it above. We
could have pressed one more key, Brightness/contrast, to darken the
new rendition, but this exercise is to show you how easy it is the save an
awful lot of under-exposed pictures.

One further note: Adobe produces a much-less complicated version of
Photoshop, called Adobe "Elements". It is easy, understandable and best of
all, it cost under $100.

January 4, 2013

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