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... the Ford Motor Company and Bernadette Mahoney?

In the 9/7/01 issue of the Melrose Mirror Bernadette Mahoney wrote an article, "Remember the old Ford plant." click here

On 11/29/12, Judy Hoff - jhoff@radcliffeengineering.com - wrote:
Subject: Re: Ford Motor Plant

Ms. Mahoney,
I found your article about the Ford Motor Company very interesting. My mother worked there also and I was wondering if you knew her. Her name was Rose Defino. My grandfather and all my uncles worked there also. John Defino was my grandfather, Edward Defino and Mike Defino were my uncles.
Your article brought back many memories from when I was a child and got to visit the Ford Plant. We lived on Sydney Street, just a few blocks from the plant.

On Friday, November 30, 2012 I replied to Judy Hoff:
I am an editor on the Melrose Mirror and I regret to tell you that Bernadette Mahoney died this past year. But it is nice to know that you found us and our publication I know Bernadette would have been pleased to hear from you.
Kay McCarte

On 11/30/12, Judy Hoff wrote:
Dear Kay,
Thank you for responding to my email. I was saddened to hear Bernadette has passed. She was a link to my past and I would have enjoyed talking with her.
My mother worked at the Ford Motor Company and when the war broke out I believe they began doing work for the military. I remember my mother telling us a story of how she was a riveter and the guys would call he their own “Rosie the Riveter”. She was quite young when she worked there and my grandfather would often warn the men to watch their step with her. Then one day, one of the workers came up to her and tried to give her a kiss (as a joke...it was a dare from the other workers). My grandfather, who always kept an eye on her, was about to run over and handle the situation until he saw my mother deck the guy with a right hook!! She was tiny but she was tough. After that my grandfather never worried about having to “protect” her. J
Thank you again for contacting me and letting me know about Bernadette.

On Friday, November 30, 2012 I replied to Judy Hoff:
You're welcome!
We would like to put your correspondence into our "Letters to" if you have no objection. It's nice to let others see it and, you never know, someone else may remember your mother and correspond to us.

On 11/30/12, Judy Hoff wrote:
That would be great. Wouldn’t it be great if someone remembered her and could tell me some stories!
Is the Melrose Mirror available on-line?

On Saturday, December 1, 2012 I replied to Judy Hoff:

The Melrose Mirror is ONLY available on line. If you Google Melrose Mirror front page it will come up. We have been publishing monthly for over 16 years now. It was started as a project at MIT and though our connection with them (they still have the server we use) is minimal we have managed to keep going. I hope you will look us up.

December 7, 2012

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