Latest on new construction -- Essex Street

... a pictorial update on what's happening in Melrose

from the SilverStringers

The 150-year-old Universalist Church has been transformed into classy living quarters for some 15 families -- all of which are apartments for rent, as opposed to condominiums. Construction both inside and out appears near finish, and the grounds are being groomed. Two parking lots -- one across Willow Street, the other at the big curve in Essex Street -- look spectacularly good, if you can judge a parking lot with "spectacular." Paving, cleaning up, and construction of new white fences have made a world of difference. A Realtor is active leasing the units, and people may start moving into new quarters probably in the early new year.

Attractive parking lots.

Just a few months ago this lot on Essex Street had been the deteriorating site of many businesses over the years, beginning it's modern history about 1950 when a new automobile salesroom was constructed. That company eventually moved to Main Street in Wakefield, and a long succession of operations occupied the site. "Cedar Crossing," four floors high, should be accepting occupancy soon.

January 4, 2013

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