Home for the Holidays -- the people and their offspring

... nosing around town with a Canon at the ready ...

from the SilverStringers

The Mirror sent out a team of photographers (actually it was a team of one) to capture the scenes of "Home for the Holidays". As usual the town was jammed with people, most with their children since the big show was the arrival of Santa Claus and his helpers -- and the entire State Championship Womens' Volleyball team from Melrose High -- who, with Santa, rode in on the Firefighters' Hook and Ladder unit. It never fails to be a big draw, in spite of the fact this this particular Santa had a rather lean look --

Families crowded into the numerous restaurants downtown -- Turner's Seafood, that really neat Mexican place, the House of Pizza, the House of Thai, Stearns and Hills.... Now that these eateries can serve hooch, the town has become the place to be for fine food and good times.

We looked for those special occasions -- Mom and her son, Dad with a recalcitrant kiddo, the casual meetings along the sidewalks.

How's this for a family picture -- taken at the House of Thai Restaurant.

And of course we had to stop by "Edward Jones" to pick up a few tips on the stock market -- which was also visiting hours with Santa. Free photos, too.

He was a good Santa, but it appeared he had been dieting a little too much. Oh well, these are modern times. Rolly-poley is out.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone.

December 7, 2012

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