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from the SilverStringers

The Melrose motorcycle-mounted police officer had just bragged about his new battery-operated warm vest -- on this rather chilley November evening -- opening day of the Chamber of Commerce "Home for the Holidays" program. Kidding, I suggested that he might think about putting knobby tires on his Harley, just in case of snow. He smiled and stepped on my foot.

I must have startled this pretty receptionist, who caught duty that holiday evening. She screamed just as the shutter went off, catching not only her bemused expression, but the photog's own picture in the mirror. He's the one wearing the Melrose Volleyball hat.

There are actually three folks in this photo, although the light from the blue Christmas stars isn't enough for the camera. There are two youngsters and a lady there -- visable only to those who use Adobe Photoshop for editing.

There is something absolutely sexy about this photo, a grab-shot through the glass of the new Pada shop on Main Street. There were actually two delightful young women running the shop that evening -- and I was treated to a lovely glass of wine -- to celebrate the beginnings of the holiday.

And at last, this photo speaks for itself. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas, evrybody.

December 7, 2012

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