MHS choir sings for Milano seniors

... Christmas melodies and rousing song draw long applause

from the SilverStringers

A young volunteer named "Kelly" stepped in to pull a winning ticket out of the hat. At the
left is "the Boss", Dawn Filopoulous.

There were some 30 students in the chorus, including three males. Their singing was just
outstanding, beautiful.

Sooner or later, the host seniors broke into song, along with the choir.

There were some 30 singers -- plus some 90 dinner guests -- for the traditional Christmas
Luncheon at the Milano Senior Center.

A special soloist drew prolonged applause.

Even dignitaries from City Hall made an appearance, although the special guest was Melrose
High's "Director of Chorus", faculty member Kimberly Piper, who accompanied the group on the

It was a fine performance and a specially good luncheon.

Photos from Don Norris

January 4, 2013

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