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from Don Norris

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Published the first Friday of each month by the SilverStringers of Melrose, Massachusetts -- January 4, 2013

The Melrose High School choir provided holiday melodies for the seniors at the annual Christmas luncheon, held at the Milano Center on December 18. It was a beautiful concert with the voices of seventy- and eighty-year-old voices joining with those of the beautiful -- and handsome -- young singers.

photo from Don Norris

Publisher for this issue is Louise Fennell

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New High School running track has neither spectator stands nor showers
by Joe Sullivan
... a gorgeous facility that lacks key features of the old High School track that it is replacing.

Red Hat review 2012
by Shirley Rabb
... Over The What Hill Gang at play

MHS choir sings for Milano seniors
from the SilverStringers
... Christmas melodies and rousing song draw long applause

Thoughts on various notes I have made
by Ed Boyd
... some reflections on readings

by Ann Robbins Talbot
... I still struggle with the concept

Sixty years later, lunch at Durgin Park
from Don Norris
... local couple laugh at the changing times

Local youngsters in holiday production
from Linda Callanan
... students take parts in "The Music Man Jr."

163 Upham St. perfect for Driscolls and for aspiring athletes
by Jack Driscoll
... Memoir describes roomy home with two long side yards, barn, orchard and 'It' cake

More sketches from the last century ...
from Don Norris
... digging around in old paintbooks

What does it all mean?
by Shirley Rabb
... keeping your mind active

Latest on new construction -- Essex Street
from the SilverStringers
... a pictorial update on what's happening in Melrose

Did you know?
by Florence Shea
... trampoline, sauerkraut, Truman Capote

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