Random Thoughts

You're looking at surgery

... Nooooo!

Carol Nelson

In the 1940's my father marched his four small children off to the hospital for tonsil removal.
It was, I feel, a "package deal" and I don't know which of us sad little victims needed it. They
used ether then. I decided I really had no interest in a repeat performance...ever!

But in this, my 73rd year, I heard the doctor say: "You're looking at surgery."

I was walking on Berwick Street, and distracted by shrubbery, fell off the curb.  I went down
like the Titanic! They spatuladed me into the ambulance and eight weeks later came the surgery. A
full shoulder replacement. I am bionic! They know their stuff at Mass. General and I got the use
of my right arm back.

Now comes the therapy. I feel very fortunate.  

So take care, be careful. We have lots of winter left and lots of ice and snow ahead.
P.S. I suppose there is no word "spatuladed" but bear with me. I haven't been well.

February 1, 2013

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