Random Thoughts

Degree equals grade, step, measure, amount, height, pitch ...

... Temperature= cold,hot,winter,summer,sultry,stuffy frost,chilling


Many of you know me,either from my articles in the Mirror,or you might have seen me as my
parents and I walk around the streets in Melrose.

I am not sure why degrees have anything to do with my daily walks. There are days I do not
always get a walk, and I blame it on the degrees. I am not sure what degrees mean but I do know
that when my parent goes to the back window and looks at something outside called a thermometer
my walk is based on what she sees. When she says "Wow it is 20 degrees so no walk today Casa".
I know exactly what that means: no walk!

Now sometimes in the summer, like the dog days, she goes to that thermometer and might say,"It
is 80 degrees Casa so no walk today". Now I am not happy with the dog days of summer but I do
not mind the winter of the humans. If we keep walking I am happy to be cool; but not my
parents,I guess.

What degrees have to do with my walking is strange. Are 20 degrees and 80 degrees magic
numbers? Most of the time in spring or fall there is no question about degrees.

I am lucky to have a back yard that I can run out to any time I feel the need. When I go to the
back door my parents will open the door and let me run around the yard,or whatever. They don't
seem to worry about those degrees as long as they are inside, while I am outside.

I find it silly to see my friends with sweaters or booties on, when I refused to wear any years
ago. Maybe if I did consent to look funny and put on a woolen cape the degrees might not make a
difference to my parents.

What is a thermometer any way? I will be happy when we get to other numbers on that thing.

On occasion,the human world is funny. When humans let a degree dictate my daily walks,I really
wonder about them sometimes. The humans, not the degrees!

February 1,2013

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