Belated get-well card -- local history

from the sick guy at the senior center

... no matter that I almost kicked the bucket ...

From the 'Lost and Found' file, Don Norris came across this card recently, which
he received (he was still in a coma) at Lahey Clinic some six years ago. Don,
who was the volunteer photographer for the MHS Girls' Volleyball Team, had
somehow contracted a very rare viral encephalitis, which gave him the most
terrible headache ever and almost did him in. Several days later, when he woke
up, he had some two dozen wires glued to his head, although the specialist said
that he was "out of danger now". He also said that "samples had been sent to
various hospitals, and there were only five similar cases like this in the whole

Anyway, Cindy Brickley, whose daughter Hannah was a member of the team, thought
enough of her friend to take a photo of the team, buy a get-well card, and have
all the girls sign it. It was amazing what that small favor did for my recovery.

April 5, 2013

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