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Malden reader remembers Lennie's on the Pike

... It was a fantastic place to hear music.

from Jim Flynn

I loved Lenny's !

In my early 20's when Lenny's was a hot place, I would drive up from Malden
and feel connected with a place in the world that was happening.

Unlike Malden.

Illinois Jacket was a real favorite ... my girlfriend would be very
congenial after a night at Lenny's.

Joe Bucci lived near me ... his daughter actually was in class with me ...  
but ... I don't think she noticed.

It was a fantastic place to hear music. You could sit close to the
bandstand ... Great fun! Affordable!

It nurtured in me a love of jazz music and a pleasure that I still enjoy.
Lenny Sokolov was to Boston's music scene a great innovator. It wasn't
until a few years later that Paul's Mall came on the scene ... and then
Jazz started to take hold in conservative Boston. The buildings got taller
... the restaurants got sophisticated ... the city became more cosmopolitan
Lenny's was the seed.

Jim Flynn

March 1, 2013

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