Woe is February 8 and its blizzard

... remembering that storm through photos

Photos from Rick Mockler, Florence Shea, Shirley Rabb and Don Norris

With a strong westerly wind, there were places in  my yard that was snow six
feet deep -- and others that had been blown bare.

Rick Mockler ventured out as soon as the storm moved out to sea. A plow had
been by once, but that last burst and a strong wind undid that work.

On Sunday afternoon Stringer Florence Shea walked the snowy streets,
photographing what she saw with her miniature camera. The temperature had flown
above freezing and the plows had been at it all night.

I was too busy photographing the storm, while Lorry was too busy shoveling
snow. DN.

The temperature soared into the forties for two days, leaving streets clear but
awfully narrow. The city did a creditable job keeping a drive-able way
throughout the city. FS.

That is Holland Road, one of the higher hills of Melrose -- but still protected
from the westerly winds by the 250-foot ridge of the Fells. RM.

The city's army of trucks managed to keep at least a single path for emergency
vehicles throughout the 24-hour storm. Amazingly, hardly any residents lost
their power -- some 40,000 homes across southern New England were knocked out.

Notice that homeowners had been keeping hydrants fairly clear during the storm,
which first laid some eight inches of wet snow, then covered that with a couple
of feet of light, fluffy stuff. RM.

... and while Lorry shoveled, Don did the important job of filming the more
arty side of this storm: A lovely patch of sunlight on the neighbor's picket
fence. DN.

On Sunday morning (after the Friday-night-Saturday-morning storm), Florence
continued her walk around the East Side. FS.

Again, a homeowner on Holland Road had one side of his drive plowed; the other
car will have to sit there until the spring thaw. RM.

Where do the plows put all that snow? Why, in the municipal parking lot, of
course. FS.

And finally, we have the placid backyard view of the valley on the morning
after. DN.

Ooops: One more late entry, this one some small B&W shots of the east end of
Boardman Avenue, near Damon. From Stringer Shirley Rabb.

March 1, 2013

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