Random Thoughts

Thoughts from Maine

... on a calm Saturday morning

by Shirley Rabb

About two inches of fluffy snow had fallen early this morning. The birch trees
seem to have sprouted leaves of white on their bare branches. The evergreens
stand tall and majestic covered with capes of white.

The chickadees and blue jays have been to the feeders and they add color to the
grey and white day.

The lake is a huge pillow of soft down. There have been no snowmobiles all
weekend so there is a smooth welcome to the scene.

The sky is light grey as clouds seem to appear in darker shades of grey. To the
east the sun, wanting to come into the day, seems to be struggling with the

A small red squirrel is on a snow bank under the bird feeders. She takes
advantage of fallen seeds and she sits tall as if she owns this piece of

The snow has stopped and a very gentle breeze allows the snow to fall from the
trees adding to the landscape.

The trees, the lake, the birds the snow; what a beautiful day it is!

March 1, 2013

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