Sweetie, you're my ONLY Valentine ...

... but I can't quite remember your name ...

from the SilverStringers

There was a Valentine's Day celebration at the Milano Senior Center in late
February, at which celebrants were asked to take the microphone and tell
stories out of school. So to speak.

The event was commanded by Supreme Commander (otherwise known as the Director
of the Council on Aging) Dawn Filopoulos, who held the mike for those unable,
or who simply prodded people to step forward and tell their lovely stories of
love and marriage.

Unfortunately no one recorded the dozen folks who had the nerve to stand up and
tell embarrassing yarns -- for they were funny and unusual, like the lady
whose promised guy (she found out) had an old girlfriend back in Ohio. She said
that the problem got worked out and all lived happily ever after.

One old fella (me) told how he and his wife had lived together, fifteen miles
apart, in New Jersey for all their adolescent lives, and that it wasn't until
they both came to Boston (she to Simmons, he at Tufts) that they met on a blind

Unfortunately, no one recorded those stories, nor did we have a reporter handy.
There were lots of good, romantic stories, some embarrassing yarns, but mostly
stories with a happy ending.

We did have a fellow there to take pictures -- Don Norris, who is one of the
editors and a key writer for the Melrose Mirror, published on the second floor
of the Milano Center with its server at no less than the Media Lab at
Massachusetts Institute of Technology. By the way, the Mirror is looking for a
few Melrosians who like to write. The group meets weekly, Wednesdays at 1:30,

Two special Valentines: Rita Quinn Dietrich, at the left, president of the
Friends of the Council on Aging -- and Dawn Filopoulos, party-maker and guide
for the real Council on Aging.

Photos and nasty comments by Don Norris

March 1, 2013

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