Precious pieces

... Nothing to do? Here's a needy suggestion ...

by Lillian Campbell

Lillian Campbell, wife of Melrose native Bob Campbell,  celebrated
the February blizzard in Williamsburg, VA, where she and Bob now
live. Her story is appropriate for all of us who love our pets ...

Being retired can be fun and relaxing, but, at times it can also present
you with challenges as you try each day to come up with something
interesting and meaningful to do. Such was my dilemma when a project called
“Hats for Heroes” came to a close. I had been knitting hats for our
soldiers in Afghanistan to wear under their helmets, but, after a time the
military decided they would provide these hats instead.

True, I have my volunteering with Colonial Williamsburg and I am a member
of the Williamsburg Heritage Humane Society Auxiliary but it would be nice
to have a project that would be relaxing yet rewarding. But what activity
could that be? My husband gave me the answer without really knowing he was
doing that! “Hon, maybe there's something you could make for the Humane
Society. Give it some thought.”  

Well it took about a minute and a half when I said: “Good idea! I know what
I can start. A group who knits, sews, crochets blankets for newly adopted
pets from our Shelter so that they will have something to take to their new
Forever Homes. Something they can cuddle with and feel warm, cozy and safe
at the same time.” And, that's exactly what I started in July 2010.

I named the project “Precious Pieces.” I never expected this idea to
flourish as it has. Today we have a membership of 58 ladies whose
generosity and love with each blanket they make is phenomenal. The reaction
by adopters and their new pets has been beyond anything I would have
expected. Each week I wrap on the average of 15-20 blankets, tying each
with ribbon and adding a label which states:

A gift made with love and caring to take
with you to your Forever Home.

Happy days from all the Heritage Humane
Society “Precious Pieces” volunteers.

If you would have an interest to start “Precious Pieces” in your area
please send me a note and I'll be happy to share the “how to” of it all.  
Email me at PugLove@cox.net. The Heritage Humane Society is so
complimentary of “Precious Pieces” and the positive feedback they receive
is outstanding.

This project has given me a feeling of achievement that I really can't
describe. For me animals are a blessing sent to us by God ... sent for us
to take care of and for us to learn from their love, devotion and


March 1, 2013

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