The quiet of Ell Pond

... a cold winter's day

by Shirley Rabb

Here in the quiet of Ell Pond I see the grey sky opening in places to let a few
white clouds appear. Tiny areas of blue sky shine through making the sky a
color chart of grey to blue to white.

The pond is frozen and fallen leaves sail across the ice like speed boats.

The bare trees dance in the wind and the sound is an eerie whistling.

The images of the trees against the strange colored sky are like a scene from a
mystery movie.

The snow is piled high where the parking lot has been plowed but there is still
areas of grass visable close to the shore line.

A seagull seems to be lost as it catches the breeze and moves across the pond
to disappear from view.

Across the pond the houses seem to be a mirage; something’s near but unable to
get to.

It is still except for the whistling; just a day to sit and watch the trees
dance to the tune of the wind.

March 1, 2013

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