Lest we forget those February -- and March --storms

... it was a time for the TV weather progrosticators to shine ...

from Don Norris

Oh goodness, we humans have to learn to stop rushing through life, to slow down and to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us -- even in a catastrophy like the February 9th blizzard. Starting with this Christmas tree that took root in our garden some half dozen years ago, we simply have to pause to study the beauty that has been created by nature. Especially when decorated by winter storms.

The snow of the February 8th storm was dry, didnt stick to anything, and, accompanied by 50-mile-an-hour winds, created drifts on our hilltop home five feet deep, burying our car that had been parked in the lea of the house. There followed, on an every-other-day schedule, a series of short, innocuous storms where the snow was wet and sticky -- providing the proverbial winter wonderland throughout Melrose. This was what provided the scenes for this photo essay.

Above, the oak trees caught the wet snow of later, smaller storms.

Two weeks later we welcomed yet another small storm-- this one coated our forsythia bushes with sticky, blue-white snow. We actually saw a male cardinal seeking cover in these bushes --- no photo, but you'll have to imagine that brilliant red feathers in the middle of this scene.

Ooops! This story began in late Februsary, but then came March and a repeat phenominom on the same date -- a month later. March (so far) has been brutal with a predicted snowfall of two inches -- only to surprise everybody (including the weather people) by dumping no less than 16 inches on Melrose. More to the west, less down the Cape.

These photos are in full color, such as it may be. They are not black-and-whites.

The patterns, the shadows, are a wonderment.

A slate walkway.

A tangle of forsythia bushes, soon to blossom out in vibrant yellow.

I see the reflection of the neighbors oak tree, in the hood of our car.

Pussy-cat tracks.

... and finally, Batman was here!

April 5, 2013

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