The dunes of Plum Island

... a quiet place to go

from Don Norris

Unique -- at least it is unique along the northern New England shoreline. There is, on the other side of these
dunes, a beautiful sand beach and the icey-cold Atlantic Ocean, all of which provides a quiet, interesting,
beautiful place to go, to walk in the sand, to watch the migrating birds, and to be quiet. The only sounds you
will hear are the crashing of the waves and the calling of the gulls. The island, for the most part, is a national
wildlife refuge, far removed from the racing highways, the cities and busy towns, the constant noise of traffic.
Ah, but there is a gate and a fee -- for nothing is free today. Even quiet, even solitude.

The place is the Plum Island bird sanctuary, not far from Newburyport.

Editor's Note: The photo was taken two weeks before the March storm that all but demolished the small beachfront
community at the north end of the island.

April 5, 2013

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