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Donations requested

... keeping the Post Office alive and well

by kmccarte

On a whim I decided to count all the donation requests I received in the mail for the month of January.  This did not include regular bills, ads, catalogs, etc. that I receive regularly. Nor did it include the mail that my two sisters received.

The grand total was 129 pieces of mail including 85 humanitarian and mission organizations, 24 of which were duplications, 17 veterans organizations, with nine duplications, plus 27 from other miscellaneous organizations.

Much of this mail included "free gifts." One calendar, nine sets of labels, one car decal, five sets of all occasion cards, one set of note cards, four note pads, twelve membership cards, one key chain, and 41 cents in nickels, dimes and one penny.

I know these are all worthy charities and they make me feel guilty that I can not donate to them all.  However, if they stop mailing these requests to me (and how many others) the Post Office might have to cut down to four days a week, so I guess I am keeping them in business.

Maybe if I win the Publishers Clearance House $5000 a week I can send them all a donation and, with the taxes I would have to pay, we could get the country out of bankruptcy.

P.S.  I kept a count in February, without the analysis - I received 118 pieces of mail and another 41 cents. I'm sure I would have equaled January if February had 31 days.  

April 5, 2013

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