Caveman graffiti

... now that Spring is here, we will be noticing more than the flowers

by Betty Rossi

Graffiti. Not the American Graffiti movie that we all know and "love" that starred Ron Howard, Richard Dreyfuss, Harrison Ford and of course, "Wolfman Jack", but the real graffiti- cave man style. The graffiti on walls, buildings, fire hydrants and traffic boxes. One man's art is another man's,"Holy Mackerel, look what they did to my building!"

There are people that may not like it, but they are still interested and say that it is sometimes a distraction while they are driving. The Smiley Face at Dead Man's Curve not only makes you smile back, but it makes you pay attention to a dangerous curve in the road.. I don't know about you, but every time I come back from the Square One Mall, I look for it.

Right outside of the Milano Senior Center, we have a perpetual "sunshine", also with graffiti. It is a real treat riding into Boston on the train and seeing all the graffiti on the walls and tunnels making an otherwise dreary ride interesting.. A lot of it is not my idea of art, but someone thought that it was wonderful when they drew it, telling the world who loves whom or whatever crosses their mind.

Charleston Chew, Bunny Bear, walls and buildings in Newburyport, Lydia Pinkham and the Pirate's Museum in Salem all have wonderful mural graffiti on the sides of their buildings, depicting scenes from days gone by.. They are commissioned paintings and not done with spray paint or chalk but stenciled and painted with a purpose.

There is a program on the computer dedicated to graffiti called "Graffiti Spray", where you can write or draw your stuff - and of course, now everyone writes on "Facebook" and their "blogs". One of my places to look on the computer is Poster Art. They used to show a poster entitled "Rooftop Graffiti in Chinatown", but why buy it for $18.00 when you can just look around you and see graffiti.


Give a child a piece of chalk and out to draw on the driveway they go...in good weather, not snow of course. We can say, "Graffiti. Oh, where for "art" thou?" -  it's everywhere!

April 5, 2013

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