A flurry of croci ... er, ah, crocuses

... a welcoming montage of spring color

from Don Norris

There is no story to write for this piece. It's just that we've had to contend with storm after snow storm, and it's been a long winter.

So when the sun came around our hickory tree, there they were -- several dozen crocuses that seem to appear overnight.

On the day we snapped these pics -- the day before publication, April 4 -- you could just feel that spring had sprung and our world began to blossom.

The best of the lot (the editors said) was used on the front page of this April issue. I added one more story just to show the world that winter is gone, spring is here.

It was a tough winter, here in New England. Spring is finally here and the warm summer sun is just around the corner.

April 5, 2013

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