Random Thoughts


... first diary entry of a pet conure, a member of the parrot family and resident of

by Carol Nelson

"Elsie" the Conure Parrot
Photo by Carole Tate

Dear Diary:  Morning arrives for me at about six o'clock every day. I try to awaken
She Who Must Be Tolerated with a couple of shrieks, then escalating a tad for

Ahhh.. She rises, first changing my stale water cup, filling a new seed cup and
giving me a little taste of fresh veggie or fruit. I am training her well. Then, she
crawls back to bed which I do not approve of. Later, after another shriek, or two,
she comes to let down my drawbridge and I pounce out on it with vigor to greet the

And just to show how agile I am, I scamper up the side of the cage and take my
rightful place as queen of the universe and mistress of all I survey. Elsie Coosh!

I usually give S.W.M.B.T. a little rub on the cheek. Sometimes not. I might look
askance with a bored attitude or cluck at her urging her to get hopping. Sometimes
we share a bowl of Cheerios, with me perching on the rim of the bowl, dipping in for
a bite or a sip. I like admiring the spoon as well. I'm partial to shiny things.

S.W.M.B.T. cleans my cage using a recent Metro to line the bottom, making uncalled
for remarks about my lack of tidiness. The nerve! And so it goes...

May 3, 2013

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