Once upon a time

... once upon a time...hmmmm, once upon a time

by Betty Rossi

Once upon a time....hmm, once upon a time. Why not twice upon a time or a thousand upon
a time?

While I was walking through Walgreens, I saw a "Once upon a time", real pink rubber
ball. You remember the kind. That sweet smelling, rubber pink ball that was smaller
than a baseball and fit into the palm of your hand. Like the flat, pink erasers that we
used to buy at Hinchey's for school. They both were kind of "fuzzy rubber" when new and
smelled wonderful, but as you used them, they got more and more shiny and lost their

Because I was feeling a little nostalgic when I saw it, I dug out my money and bought
it. I couldn't wait to get home with it and almost used it in the Walgreen's parking
lot. So, as soon as I drove home, out into my driveway I went to play a game that I
played all through my younger years.

While throwing the ball up into the air, you would recite the following words with each
throw. "Plainsies, clapsies, roll the ball"...ooops, I dropped it. Darn it. It rolled
under the car. Had to get out the keys, move the car, and get the ball. "Do over, do
over", I thought to myself. One more chance. O.K. This one counts. "Plainsies,
clapsies, roll the ball, to bapsies"...(Bapsies. A really crazy word for tapping your
right hand on your left shoulder and your left hand tapping your right shoulder),
"right hand, left hand, touch your knee, touch your toe, touch your heel and away you
go". You really don't go away. We used to play this game over and over.  You really
aren't rolling the ball either. You are throwing the ball up in the air and rolling
your arms around and around.

I am still the Champ. I know I am.  

May 3, 2013

May 3, 2013

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