Random Thoughts


... a second entry by Elsie Coosh

by Carol Nelson

"Elsie" the Conure Parrot
Photo by Carole Tate

Dear Diary:

There is no rest for the weary and I have so much to do today. Breakfast was banal. Banana again and oatmeal..so past tense. Even if we do share. I do enjoy sitting on the rim of her bowl. So bonding, n'est pas?

I tried to start the day on an upbeat note by saying "Good morning" just to give her a thrill. She likes to think she is training me when really it is I who is raining her. Anyway, sweetie, she asked me over and over to repeat it. I think not.

Poor dear she is nearly distraught every time she finds one of my discarded feathers. She could not abide a bald bird. I do it for attention. Naughty me.

June 7, 2013

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