Random Thoughts


... Another diary entry from Elsie -- maybe the last?

by Carol Nelson

"Elsie" the Conure Parrot
Photo by Carole Tate

Dear Diary:

Today I am in the slam. Here I perch downhearted. So early in the day and already punished by She Who Must Be Tolerated. It was only a teeny nip on her left eyebrow. A mere token.

At least the food is interesting. I do like to eat. Eating is my business. I am a gourmette. There are long strips of fresh red pepper, and carrot slivers. Yum. Bon appetite!

Life is good, even in the slam. When I begin to feel bored, there are plenty of diversions. I prefer wooden toys or shiny ones but most anything is interesting .. for a while.

Maybe if I tilt my head and get her attention she will melt and let me out. But she has a short fuse when it comes to biting. Just yesterday on my flight to the potting table I was in a helpful mood. All I did was trim her orchid plant a little. Quelle dommage!

August 2, 2013

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