They're back!

... just like the swallows that return to Capistrano

by Betty Rossi

Mel and Rose are back in Town. Just like the swallows that return to Capistrano, they have returned. Dear old Mel was swimming around and Rose, dear, dear Rose was sitting on her "nest". The poor old girl was sitting on a mini nest among discarded flip-flops, old bottles and a ton of debris. While I was standing talking to Rose and welcoming her back to Town, a woman wheeling a stroller walked up and commented on the trash in the water. She didn't even seem to notice how very beautiful Rose is or the 70 degree weather in April. The water was very rough and the water level was high. Not a goose or a duck was in sight. Just the two of them. Wonder where their babies from last year went.

Stand at the fence long enough and someone will walk up and tell you "stuff" that they know about the swans. Both swans came off of the nest and not an egg was in sight. All of a sudden, some crazy looking water rat or otter or muskrat walked across a big piece of wood floating in the water by the nest and dove back into the water with it's "mate". I am hoping beyond hope that the swans haven't laid their eggs yet. It would be terrible if the "muskrat", water rat, otter or whatever ate the eggs already. I haven't been taking swan pictures this year because of the thousands I took the last couple of years. Oh heck, maybe I'll just take a few more just to document my story and to show you.

While we were talking about where the cygnets from last year went, a woman that I know from CVS said that there are a lot of swans in Medford by the Mystic River. I always thought that was salt water. I remember writing "Happy Mother's Day, Rose" last year. As I write, there are 27 days left until Mother's Day 2013.

If she's going to lay eggs, she'd better hurry up. She is drawing a crowd of spectators, myself included anxiously awaiting new birth. Rooting for you Rose, and hoping we can wish you Happy Mother's Day in 2013.

Oh wow! Oh wow! Oh wow! Went to see how Mel and Rose were doing and lo and behold, Rose stood up and showed me. Six plus eggs! Six or more! Yea! Yea! Yea! So exciting! Can hardly wait. Should have known it's Spring! New birth. We'll be seeing babies. She never lets us down. Even if you have them later than Mother's Day, in our hearts, you are one of our very favorite Melrose mothers.

May 3, 2013

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