The wild water

... waiting for the calm

by Shirley Rabb

The still quiet Quannapowitt was like an ocean filled with fury today.

The wind slapped against the bare trees at the banks of the lake. There was a sound of
heaviness as the branches danced to the rhythm of what appeared to be hard rock.

The birds living in the fallen trees came out to see the water splashing against the
shore. Some of the birds stand on the cluster of twisted limbs and look around before
hopping to the grassy areas and then back to the safety of their shelter. I can see a
robin, a cardinal and a grackle on the branches. The sparrows are in and out looking
and waiting for the wind to slow its pounding of the air.

There are no ducks on the water but two Canadian geese have landed in the tumult of
the lake splashing to make some headway.

White caps follow the waves to the shore and Quannapowitt is grey and angry today.

With a force that reminds us of the power of nature we can only sit and watch as we
also wait for the peaceful quiet.

May 3, 2013

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