Random Thoughts

Thoughts while shaving

by jtierney

When was the last time you saw a shirt and tie or dress or skirt in church?
And if you do, he/she’s either on the altar or you can count them on one
hand.  Why is it we can dress to the nines for anyone or anything except
for church and God?  We dress for weddings, job interviews, dates, going
out for dinner, and even for wakes and funerals where the host is dead and
can’t see you. OK!!. You’re dressed out of respect for the family.
What??... God doesn’t deserve some respect?? It’s even more glaring in the
summer with flipflops, short shorts, cut-offs,  “holy!” jeans, etc. I can
remember as a kid when my older sister went to Mass with curlers in her
hair, with a hat on to cover the curlers (they wore hats in church those
days) to prepare herself for a Frank Sinatra concert that night. Needless
to say, my father wouldn’t let her go to the concert. Imagine a father
getting away with that today??

  July 5,2013

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