Photo Gallery, somewhere near Melrose

... pictures here and there, sort of seasonal ...

from Don Norris

On a sunny Thursday morning, while riding my motorcycle through Harold Parker State
Forest (some 15 miles north of town), I met this family of ducklings, and their mom.
Reminds me of the saying, "get all your ducklings in a row ..."

Sometime fairly recently, a group of Silver Stringers joined a new group (as yet
unnamed) whose purpose in life is to produce a monthly video show for MMTV -- Melrose
Massachusetts Television. So here are two of our intrepid videographers, Kay McCarte
(in purple) and Flo Shea (in blue), at the Wenham Tea House, studying the menu while on
assignment. Looks like a tough job.

At the edge of spring, I noticed an intriguing (intriguing to me) collection of four
garden sheds in nearby yards. Actually the fourth shed, which was painted bright green,
didn't fit into my idea of a marvelous photo, so I cropped it. Funny, but my camera
sees engaging scenes that others miss. It helps that I am an accomplished artist, too.

Ah, this scene happens with regularity, every 28 days or so. A full moon, accented by
earthly clouds floating by. Actually I have an eight-inch star-gazer's telescope -- but
seldom use it. I believe this photo was taken with a mere 300 millimeter telephoto
lens, braced against the door jamb. Oh, I bless the advent of digital photography.

Ah ha! A photo of Melrose. Or at least a photo of one of the city's 12,000 homes that
are crammed into our less-than-six square miles. This house sits atop one of our
several 200-foot-high hills, straddling a lot that runs between two separate streets.
Therefore it has the unusual characteristic of having two addresses. The question
becomes, does the tax collector knock on two doors? By the way, the Atlantic Ocean is
visable some easy five miles to the east, with low-lying Lynn, Saugus and Revere

Oooph da, we are looking straight up at a very taxable commercial communications tower,
located near the summit of our Mount Hood Park and golf course. It's not a place you
can get to easily: the rugged dirt road leads up the hill, through the forest; it is
also lined with a very heavy mesh fence. Looking up, it is impossible to estimate the
number of electronic messages that are passing through this tower -- constantly. Such
is the marvel of modern communication.

Obviously spring has sprung in Melrose -- this photo was taken April 25. Everywhere you
go in town, there is the yellow brilliance of forsythia, the white pear trees light up
the streets, and the magnolias and cherry blossoms burst into rich reddish bloom.
Funny, all that color, and hardly a leaf old enough to be called green. Best of all,
feel the warmth of spring.

I saw this sign before a church in Lynn one night, several years ago. It is pertinent
today, no matter what bothered Sister Theresa back then, for today we all feel the
idiocy of mass death in Boston and nearby Watertown. We wonder how any organized
religion can espouse killing its competition.

May 3, 2012

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