Opening Day at our NEW Pine Banks Park

... I was at Pine Banks Park on Opening Day

by Betty Rossi

I was down at Pine Banks Park on Opening Day. A perfect 70 degree day in April. I did not
have a fancy, shmancy camera with a great big lens..I just had my "point and pray" camera
that's been dropped 100 times. There were just so very many pictures that could have been
taken, but I was so interested in watching the events, that I really didn't get to take
pictures of them all, so, here goes! Instead of our beloved girls, I decided to take our
Melrose Finest..the Boys! They were hosting Wilmington in Track, which is where I
concentrated. At other places at the field, there was Broad Jumping, Javelin Throwing,
and Girl's Track to name a few of the events. The field was buzzing with activity. I was
thrilled to see the "fan" support. The Mayor and other Dignitaries were present to "open"
this wonderful Day! Go Melrose! Stay Strong!

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