The sports scene, circa 1953

... the Traveler photog has us run right at him ...

Steve Johnson, The Arizona Stringer

Johnny Turner was a very good baseball player and a good friend of mine back in our young Lincoln School playground days of the late 1940s
and early 1950s. He was our shortstop on the Melrose Braves. Most of us learned our baseball skills by following in the footsteps of the
older guys around the playground and Johnny inherited his position from Frannie Traill, whom we lost a few months ago, also. There were many
good players on the Melrose Braves in those early years and most of us made it to the Melrose High School baseball team, class of 1955. I'm
sure Johnny would have been there with us had he chosen to go to MHS instead of Malden Catholic.

Johnny is pictured in the Boston Traveler's July 5, 1951 sports section, second from the left. Seventh from the left is Steve Johnson, your
Arizona Silver Stringer. The picture was taken on the Melrose Common next to Laurel Street; I remember the photo shoot well. The Traveler
photographer had us line up and jog towards him. He took many shots and chose this as the best one. Those were the good old days!

Steve Johnson
June 7, 2013

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