When creative juices flow...and don't

... the deadline is due

by Betty Rossi

Oh dear, oh dear, the deadline's near, whatever shall I do?
I love to write and try real hard to bring my articles to you.
I'm all 'writ out, I've done it all, from Block Parties to the Beach.
We've baked our bread, gone to the Museum and talked about the West.
The holidays, my Mother's garden, my beloved Stringer crew.
Kay, our rock, Brave Tom, Louise, friend Florence, Joe,
Shirley, Ann, Joan and of course, Ed, the things I like the best.
Broccoli, our mouse in the house, and dear Dorothy's Blueberry soup,
The Senior Center Luau, the swans, my lovely Rita, dear, dear Ken,
friends Faith, Monique and Florence, too.
I wrote and wrote about them all and,
when I saw that Smiley Face,
even wrote about Graffiti on the wall.
What else is left? The snow is gone, the flowers yet to bloom,
I've thought and thought and thought again,
I feel like gloom and doom.

June 7, 2013

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