I have a bad disease....

... it's called a Sweet Tooth

by Betty Rossi

Yes, I have a bad disease called a Sweet Tooth. I have it in three neighboring States, Maine, New Hampshire and of course,
Massachusetts. I have to have it treated whenever I am in Maine and New Hampshire. In Maine, I go to Yummy's. They have the most, the best, and all of the candy that you ever could dream of or remember. The best is their penny candy selections, that are more like dollar candy selections...Maryjanes, red and black licorice, Honeycombs, non-pariels, Good and Plenties, Jujube's. You name it, they've got it. I dare you to leave the store without spending between $25 and $50.00. Fudge. Wow. If you like fudge, they have it. Sooo delicious. When leaving Yummy's, you should probably put your candy into your car trunk so that you don't go in to sugar-shock while driving.

In New Hampshire, right up the road a piece, is the Candy and Nut Store in Salem. Clark Bars, Baby Ruth's and Oh Henry's. Oh my gosh! I went with the Sky Bars. Bought a few of those old waxed bottles that have the colored liquid in them for the kids. I tried a blue one and chewed on the wax for old time sake. The fudge. Penuche. Penuche with nuts. Chocolate. Chocolate with nuts. Wow. A couple of pounds of fudge and I'm broke! I should just go into that store with a wheelbarrow and say, "one of everything, please!". When they stated that they are the "Supermarket of Confectionery", they weren't kidding. The honeycomb candy and the Maple Sugar shaped leaves just about scream out, "Buy me, buy me" as I walk down the aisles. When I left the store and rode down the road a piece, I just had to buy some lottery tickets I lost,of course, but you can probably figure out why I bought them.

The other day, the kids said, "Grammy, want to go to Fuddruckers?" I said, "sure", and off we went. Little did I know that right inside the door of the Jordan's Furniture Store Mall in Reading, was a Jelly Bean Store Jelly Bean Heaven. 50 Official Flavors. Where's my wheelbarrow? "Top Banana, Very Cherry, Cotton Candy, Pina Colada, Buttered Popcorn, Lemon, Lime, Kiwi....Wild Blueberry". The floors were tiled with pictures of jelly beans. The tabletops were of jelly beans made into flowers and covered with glass. There were towers with probably 6,000 jelly beans in each. They even had M & M's and bins of chocolate covered raisins, nuts and chocolate covered you name its. Who needs a hamburger when you have all of these "beans". Even their bag says, "Get real. Get Jelly Belly".  

Summer is coming. Get ready, Yummy's, here I come. Oh brother, I may never recover.  

June 7, 2013

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