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September 11, 2001

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Published the first Friday of each month by the SilverStringers of Melrose, Massachusetts -- June 7, 2013

The veterans of some dozen wars, scuffles and deadly misunderstandings between nations, stood on stage at the Melrose Veterans Memorial school on Friday, May 24, to be recognized by their community. The numbers -- some eighty vets took part including several uniformed Melrose men from the 182nd National Guard -- are only a small representation of the soldiers from Melrose who have fought and subsequently passed. The production was done by a group of eighth graders, led by their principal, Thomas Brow.

Publisher for this issue is Louise Sutton Fennell

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Memorial Day celebration at MVMMS
from Don Norris
... the Vets, the kids, the speakers -- everybody.

A few notes on Jack Kerouac
by Ed Boyd
... who was Jack Kerouac?

The sports scene, circa 1953
Steve Johnson, The Arizona Stringer
... the Traveler photog has us run right at him ...

Symphony finale charms, entertains
by Jackie Wattenberg
... Yoichi Udagawa is indeed "A Man for All Seasons!"

I have a bad disease....
by Betty Rossi
... it's called a Sweet Tooth

New life at the Senior Center ...
from the SilverStringers
... Ms Robin lays an egg -- ah, actually FOUR eggs

Memories of Mom's Southern Fried Chicken
by Louise Fennell
... Mom's Southern Fried Chicken dinner.

When creative juices flow...and don't
by Betty Rossi
... the deadline is due

More on music in the language of The Great Gatsby
by Ed Boyd
... Fitzgerald's language just sings

April 19, 2013
Ann Robbins Talbot
... from a different perspective ...

In the Land Of Alz
Louise Sutton Fennell
... the insidiousness of Alzheimer's Disease

Lawrence Tower
from Steve Johnson
... correspondence between Ted Barrett and Steve Johnson

Oddball photos from an oddball editor
from Don Norris
... journalist, investor, playmaker -- but NOT a photographer ...

Did you know ?
by Florence Shea
... Ants, Benjamin Franklin, honeymoon

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