On planning ahead, here's what's on the election docket ...

... Just because Markey moved up, doesn't mean ...

from Flo Shea

Are you glad the elections are over? Grateful there will be no more TV ads? Well I'm
sorry but the fat lady didn't sing yet. Here's the scoop:
       October - primary election  for Ed Markey's seat
       November - City election
       December - special general election to determine  who gets Markey's seat in
                  2014  -
        Governor Patrick is not running for re-election. That will mean another primary
and general election.
        Markey will be running for re-election.  When he gets to Washington, he'll be
finishing John Kerry's term..   
        Wait - it gets better - if Katherine Clark wins Markey's seat then there will
be another primary in March and special general election in June  for her seat .              
    My warden, Marie Ryan, and I figured out that schedule.

Oooops, there are changes already!

Over the weekend I found out from a friend who works in the election office and has a wealth of knowledge on the subject.. A primary election for his seat depends on how much time is left in Markey's term. If the length of time is one year or less there are two options. One is leave the seat vacant and the other is appoint an individual to serve out the term. If needed a December elections date would be tricky. Both Christmas eve and New Year's eve fall on a Tuesday. So there is the possibility of an election in early January. The only definite election is the November City election.

July 5, 2013

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