... hushed as another day begins

by Shirley Rabb

The fog rolled in to make the other side of the lake invisible. The water lilies lay
almost motionless in clusters of 25 to 50.

The only other thing visible on the lake is a small grey boat with two fishermen.
The red shirt of the large man added the only color to the scene.

The gentle rain created droplets on the lake as the water flowed gently searching
for the sun that has not appeared yet.

The two men sit holding onto their fishing poles with the hope of a big catch. The
boat seems anchored for it is not moving except with the gentle movement of the

The sounds of cars in the distance seem ominous in the fog. The day is still and the
lack of sunshine makes it mysterious.

It is 9 am and here the day has come alive with a few small birds singing in the
fallen trees and a brown rabbit that sits still watching what my plans are as I
approach to take a picture.

The men still sit in the rain, not moving but then the gentle rain became a downpour
and the motor was engaged and the boat and men went into the fog and out of sight.

August 2, 2013

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