Up close on the Fourth, at the Common

... a patriotic spoof for the future leaders of our inter-planetary system.

Photos, commentary from Don Norris

Ladies and Gentlemen, we present the future President of the United States -- for the 2073 national election. With her is the exchequer of Health and Welfare, former commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps (disbanded recently for lack of war).

Here, at the 2073 celebration of Peace and Prosperity, we have the chief officer of the United Planetary System, and her advisors. (Such premature celebration is an annual thing at the Melrose Common, featuring guests from Jupiter, Saturn and the latest planetary entity to join the system, Neptune. The gentleman in the blue shirt is being honored for his 100th birthday.)

We have here the latest model of the new transportation bureau, aptly called a "bicycle".

Recently uncovered, here we have ancient photos of two centenarians in a digitally-reproduced photo from the archives of the year 2013. No one remembers their names. The two youngsters, however, have recently been named to the Interplanetary Court of Justice.

The elderly gentleman, in a 2013 photo, holds a three-fingered "camera". The three others (pictured) assisted in the operation.

Here we have a reproduction of the 17th century game called "Chequers". No one has been able to figure its purpose.

Again, no one has been able to identify this strange game. It seems a youngster is placed in the middle of the sheet, whereupon the Oldsters toss the child high into the air. Only a guess.

"March of the Mothers" an ancient game in which young mothers lined up to parade across The Common. It is a pretty sight.

Two mothers, in this 2013 photo, discuss the future of their offspring. The boy at the right has become prominent in the 2073 Court of Prominent People, and is now ambassador to Planet Nava.

This 2013 game was called "Jump-Up-And-Down" on an inflated giant pillow.

Author's note: I hope you, the reading public, will forgive my inventive mind, for I am tired (at age 82) of just writing the plain and ordinary facts. And so I used a little imagination in describing my photos, above. I hope you'll put up with me.

August 2, 2013

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