Too Hot, Too Long

... this too will pass

by Ann Robbins Talbot

I am a winter person

My birthday is in February

I would rather be cold than hot

My colors are black, white and silver
Rather than beige, coral and gold

I would rather watch the Bruins
Than the Red Sox

My store of choice is L L Beans
Not the Banana Republic

I drink ginger ale instead of coffee
Prefer roasted vegetables to tossed salad

I choose Alaska over the Caribbean
For my favorite vacation

Curled up in an afghan with a book
Beats reading on the beach hands down

Would rather survive a blizzard
Than the tail end of a hurricane

So how am I feeling in July 2013 ?

Cranky, out of sorts, dissatisfied
Just plain too hot for too long

August 2, 2013

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